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Uploading *.gpx route to Garmin Edge

After I got the Garmin Edge 530, the upload of the route to the device always confused me, so I created this cheat sheet:

Uploading the route to the Garmin

Option #1 – upload directly via USB

Copy the *.gpx file with the route to /Garmin/NewFiles/.

Option #2 for Apple users – upload via iPhone Garmin app and AirDrop

  • Airdrop the *.gpx file to the iPhone and open it with Garmin Connect.
  • Go to More (bottom right) → Training → Courses → (select course) → tap tripple dot (in upper right corner) ⋮ → Send to Device
  • Let the app sync with the Edge.

Option #3 – upload via Garmin Connect (and mobile/desktop app)

On the Garmin website...

  • Go to Garmin Connect Online
  • Continue to Training → Courses → Import
  • Rename the course from Untitled to something user friendly (2022-03-15 Marianske udoli 30km).
  • Click “Save New Course”

Then in iOS app...

  • In iOS app Garmin Connect go to More → Training → Courses, open the desired course, tap the three vertical dots and selsect Send to Device.
  • Sync the devices to upload the course.


  • Click "Send to Device" on the website and let it sync through Garmin Express desktop app. (TBD)

Selecting the route in Garmin Edge 530 for navigation

(bring up main menu) → Training → Training plan → Find a course → (select course) → Ride