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Windows 10 drivers for AMD 740G chipset (AMD Radeon 2100, both 32- and 64bit)

NOTE: Despite the publish date, this note is originally from December 2017.

If you've tried to install Windows 10 on an older setup that runs on AMD 740G chipset (which integrates ATI Radeon 2100 graphic chip), you might have run into the issue where Windows 10 fails to locate proper drivers for the integrated GPU and it uses generic graphics adapter driver instead, which is only able to run 1024x768.

I have found deep in comments on some IT news site someone mentioning they got it running through Windows 7 drivers for an MSI motherboard with the same chipset (I myself tried a lot of different drivers for Windows 7 from Gigabyte, neither of them worked and one of them even bricked my whole setup). Anyway I tested bunch of MSI drivers and found working ones.

This was tested and works on: Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2, rev. 3.0 (hardware ID is PCI\VEN_1002\DEV_796E\SUBSYS_D0001458\REV_00). Frankly, I don't remember the exact source for these drivers, but they are from the MSI website, downloaded as Windows 7 chipset drivers for a random MSI motherboard with 740G, so you can try to re-find them if you don't trust this unknown blog with bunch of articles written in weird language running on basic WordPress.

Though it does look more trustworthy than, doesn't it? No, seriously, I will try to eventually cite the proper source. Edit: Someone found it and posted the links in the comments, feel free to download directly from MSI. If this have helped you, please note in the comments which motherboard have you used with these drivers so others can find this easily as well:

Where to download the drivers:

  • From (follow Driver -> Win7 x64 → System & Chipset Drivers → ATI System Drivers for RS690/RS740)
  • Or you can use direct link:
  • My local mirror: yet to be uploaded (never trust drivers randomly from the internet, though!)

How to install this driver?

  1. Pres WinKey + R, type in devmgmt.msc and Enter (or simply access the Device Manager any way you like)
  2. Expand the option Display adapters
  3. Right-click on the graphics adapter and select Update Driver Software...
  4. Select the option Browse my computer for driver software
  5. Point the path into the folder you just unzipped from the drivers you had just downloaded.
  6. Keep clicking Next until the end, and then restart the computer

Known issues

I have ran into an issue when the computer has two separate LCDs plugged in (into the VGA and DVI port). On those computers, some (not all) of the graphic elements in Windows 10 are blurred (as if the displayed pixels don't match the physical pixels). It only happens with desktop icons and some of the settings. I have spent another afternoon on this after finally I gave up. Tried everything and nothing works. However even if you really need to run two displays, it's just a little annoying but totally can be lived with. All the other computers that have only one screen attached run perfectly. If anyone manages to find out what might cause this and how to fix it, please let me know in the comments!